Heal Your Life After Cancer

What if a Cancer Diagnosis Could be a Gateway to a Better life?

About the Book

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime

To Italy, Ireland, facing a chronic illness and beyond. 


"Passport To Life" YANKS you by the collar and you go! wow, so engaging, well-written! I'm dying to know where this is going!”

~ Lee Gaitan, Best Selling Author of 'My Pineapples Went to Houston'

The Passport To Life Story

Annie believes that there's a ticking time bomb inside her. She has been so caught up in a painful memory from the past that it feels like a bomb is about to go off. It's a powder keg of emotion that's just ready to explode

She has been desperately longing to turn the page on an old story after her incurable cancer diagnosis. 

What a wonderful thing it would be to start over again with a clean slate!

But there's a painful story locked inside her, one that has been killing her for nearly 30 years. Until she diffuses this deadly bomb, she is ripe for cancer's second coming!

Find out how Annie learns how to rewrite her painful old story, tame the wild monster of cancer and transform her life into a wonderful, healing adventure…all through the power of travel.

 Do you know someone coping with cancer?

Give them a gift of adventure and hope. It's perfect reading material during treatment.

Available in Kindle, Audiobook, Paperback and Hardcover.

(10% of the proceeds from "Passport To Life" will be donated to Project Forgive, a global resource advancing forgiveness education).

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Watch the Story Come to Life

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"Passport to Life' brings hope and inspiration to all those who are challenged with a cancer diagnosis, while also providing the tools to overcome the impossible, regardless of where you're at in your healing journey."

Natalie Ledwell
Co-Founder of Mind Movies, host of The inspiration show & WakeUp!

"What a fascinating and deeply moving read! Annie Pool invites us on a grand journey of the heart that embraces pain and pleasure with gusto! This book is filled with delicious bites and glasses of rich wine that add up to delectable learnings! Lucky for us, the story feeds the soul but will not expand the waistline! A culture-rich adventure, that allows us to browse through farmers markets and museums while we sort through feelings of love and loneliness. I thoroughly enjoyed "Passport to Life" as it took me from salsa nights in Tuscany to a moonlit graveyard on the Irish countryside. Equally passionate and poetic, "Passport to Life" is a must read!"

Zsuzsa Novak
Starpower Strategist

"I CAN'T STOP READING IT!!! I eagerly await what happens in the each chapter!"

Tamara J Green
Author, speaker, and trainer whom Elle magazine referred to as “the soul-centered psychotherapist and meditation facilitator.

About the Author

Like so many people, Annie Pool had big dreams. In 2013 she was ready to write a book about travel and launch a tour company.

Then she got the news nobody wants to hear: "You have incurable cancer.” 

As you can imagine, it was a diagnosis of death. Her whole life was was put on hold. 

In the midst of these challenging circumstances, she made a decision that would alter the course of her life. She wondered, “Why not treat cancer as though I was on a big adventure?"

She decided to use the power of her imagination to visualize traveling outwardly to a beautiful, far away destination -- even though she did not physically travel far. 

It wasn't always easy. While she was recovering, she decided to make a daily practice of visualizing memories of her past travels.  

By using what she calls, The Adventure Principle, she achieved the most AMAZING results. 

Remarkably, within less than 6 months, she was completely cancer FREE. 

Cancer didn't stop Annie from pursuing her travel dreams. Since that turbulent time, she has also spent several months in Southeast Asia, Ireland, California, and many more places.

Book cover image: Joshua Pool of Simpli Creative 

Photo credits: Joshua Pool , Rebecca Kirstein

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